Exhibitors agree not to host hospitality suites during the Annual Convention event hours. Exhibitors also agree not to have any entertainment or other functions for large, 在会议的活动时间组织小组. This noncompetition provision also applies to private demonstrations, facilities, tours, 等. Exhibitors agree that these activities detract from the overall merit of the show. The types of activities listed above are prohibited unless approved in writing by AWT.



AWT和它的官员, 董事, 志愿者, 员工, 代理, 和赞助商 are not responsible or liable for damage to the exhibitor’s property, 拥有或租用, 他的人员或被邀请者, 或者他的雇员或代理人, 从人身伤害, 火, 盗窃, 或者其他原因. 请参展商为工作人员投保, 产品, 展览费用自理. Such coverage can usually be provided by requesting a rider to the company’s existing policy if coverage is not already in force. Exhibitors shall be bound by the terms of the contract held by AWT with the Convention Center. 参展商同意赔偿, 持有无害的, 为AWT和它的官员辩护, 董事, 志愿者, 员工, 代理, 和赞助商, 以及罗德岛会议中心及其各自的成员, 军官, 董事, 代理, 让员工免于承担任何责任, 损害赔偿, 行动, 成本, 损失, 索赔, 和费用, 包括合理的律师费, 由于人身伤害, 死亡, 或由于或导致的财产或利润的损坏或损失, 全部地或部分地, 任何不作为, 疏忽, 的错, 或违反参展商或其雇员之法律或法令者, 代理, 分包商, or invitees or any other person entering the facility with the implied or express permission of the exhibitor.

Such indemnification by the exhibitor shall apply unless such damage or injury results from the sole 疏忽, 重大过失, 或参展商故意的不当行为, 员工, 或其分包商. Children/young adults under the age of 16 are not permitted on the exhibit floor during the installation and dismantling hours.



Linear or “in-line” and corner booths are subject to an 8' height restriction. Perimeter booths (those that back to an outside wall rather than to another exhibit) are restricted to a height limitation of 12'. 20' x 20'的岛屿可以高达16'高,包括标识.



The maximum height of 8' is allowed only in the rear half of the booth space, with a 4' height restriction on all materials in the remaining space forward to the aisle. When three or more linear booths are used in combination as a single exhibit, the 4' height limitation is applied only to that portion of exhibit space that is within 10' of an adjoining booth.



不允许使用公共广播系统. The noise level from any demonstrations or sound system should be kept to a minimum and should not interfere with others. Electrical or mechanical apparatus must be muffled so that noise does not interfere with other exhibitors. AWT reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others.



通过签署空间申请, the exhibitor agrees to abide by these rules and regulations and the decisions of AWT. This contract will become binding for both the exhibitor and AWT upon its acceptance by AWT staff. These terms and conditions have been developed to offer each exhibitor equality regardless of size. 每个参展公司都应获得平等的机会, 内部原因, 以最有效的方式将产品呈现给目标受众.



Preference for space assignment will be awarded to previous exhibitors based on priority points. 优先级点是根据几个因素确定的, 包括参加以往的展览会, 在大会上赞助一项活动, 广告和/或在《真人梭哈app下载》上发表文章, 和/或在大会上发表论文. 在过去的五年中,人们更重视运动. All exhibit space is assigned using priority points and then on a first-come, first-served basis. 请列出六个摊位. 如果你所有的选项都已经被分配了, 我们会在分配空间之前给你打电话. 未缴付全部款项的申请将不获处理. 支付的空间必须在美国收到.S. 美元.

Priority points only apply to exhibitors who return their contract and full payment by Monday, 1月25日, 2021. 如果两家公司在优先列表中有相同的点数, booth space will be assigned based on the date the contract is received by AWT. Companies not having priority points will be assigned booth space according to the date their contract and full payment are received. After Monday, 1月25日, space will be assigned upon receipt of the contract and full payment. Exhibitors wishing to avoid assignment of space adjacent to a particular competitor should indicate so on their application; careful consideration will be given to such requests. AWT retains the exclusive right to revise the exhibit hall floor plan(s) and/or relocate any assigned exhibitors as necessary for the betterment of the AWT Annual Convention & 阐述,完全由AWT决定. Exhibitors will be informed of their booth assignment via email 星期五或大约星期五, 2月26日, 2021.



参展商不得转让, 转租, 或分配所有或任何部分的空间分配, 或代表, 产品, or materials from companies other than its own in said exhibit without the written consent of AWT.



展览大厅将于星期二开放, 9月21日, 上午10时至下午5时入场, 周三,, 9月22日, 上午8时至下午2时进行最后准备, 如照明, 供电的设备, 等. 将于九月二十二日(星期三)下午二时进行视察. Exhibits that are obviously not being set up and have no representative present will be assigned to the labor contractor for uncrating and erecting to facilitate crate removal and initial 清洁 prior to the exhibit hall opening. 费用将向参展商收取. 星期三晚些时候安装的许可, 9月22日, will be handled on a per-request basis with 30 days written notice given to AWT staff. 在开放展览时间内,不得设置任何展品.

Dismantling of exhibits and packing of equipment may not begin until after 2:00 pm, 星期五, 9月24日. Exhibitors who dismantle their booths prior to the announced closing risk losing their priority points and future exhibit invitations. All exhibits must be packed and ready for removal from the exhibit area no later than 7:00 pm on 星期五, 9月24日.



A complete 参展商的服务工具包 containing all the necessary order forms for drayage, 电, 家具租赁, 地毯, 清洁, 等. 将在网上发布. 信息将通过电子邮件发送给每个参展商, 总承包商/装饰, 星期五或大约星期五, 3月26日, 2021. Orders should be submitted by the “Key Dates” listed in the service manual to receive discounted rates.



参展商可于其展位派发赠品. Exhibitors must confine their activities to the space for which they have contracted; this includes the distribution of printed materials.

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